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Allied Universal

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Allied Universal is a security guard company in Santa Ana operating in Orange county. They are located at 1551 N Tustin Ave Santa Ana, CA. They provide unarmed and patrol security guard services. We will gladly help you collect pricing details and information from Allied Universal and other companies in the area specific to your needs.

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Yelp Reviews of Allied Universal
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Tony B.
February 5, 2016
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The bottom line EXPLOITATION. The CEO of the Company should be a guest Star appearance to the show under cover boss. The whole entity and concept in making...

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Carmen H.
January 21, 2016
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The broad that answers the telephone needs to be fired!!! She is EXTREMELY rude! Will transfer you to anybody just to get you off the line. If you call...

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Sue T.
November 11, 2014
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Worked for this company for 15 & 1/2 months. Utterly incompetent on every level. Do not work for this company.

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Google Reviews of Allied Universal

9492922742 Mesias
January 14, 2020

Good company. Great Team with great Management and Leadership. Detail oriented and task oriented.

Delia Olvera
January 24, 2020

Allied Universal falsely reported to EDD wages and last date of employment while I was collecting Unemployment Benefits. They have admitted their mistake but havent found the time to report back to EDD with correct info. And also report to IRS that they reported wages never paid to me, which is tax fraud by the way. Two months have passed since request to HR was made for corrective action, nothing done yet. They are waiting for hearing date with EDD to go in and say they were wrong, and they are sorry. After the State Hearing, I will take my case to a Civil Court, these people are not being held accountable. I am sure I am not the only one affected by this, checks issued and voided that are reported to IRS and EDD and then never corrected or issue a new check. Because of their false reporting to EDD, I have been found to be guilty of fraud, benefits stopped, punished to not collect Unemployment Benefits for three years and a $1000+ fine. Stay away from this employer, they commit fraud and shrug their shoulders when asked for an explanation.

ljhuh bhdc
January 22, 2019

UPDATE: This company is TRASH! I apparently received a last check back in September but was never notified as I was use to getting direct deposit. By the time I found out (three months later) the check has been voided. I went to the branch office as well as been calling to be issued another check since December. I get the same response every time I call basically the run around. I’ve spoken with pay roll Human Resources and am still waiting for a call back from corporate. I left a message with corporate over a week ago and still no response. RUN ME MY MONEY ALLIED. Investigate who this is and RUN ME MY MONEY!!!! DON’T DO IT APPLY ELSEWHERE!!!!! One of the worst companies to work for. Especially in this county. The hiring process was ok but the actual account I work for is unnecessarily stressful. Currently don’t have an account manager so the assistant is taking over for the moment. She doesn’t have time to address concerns of officers nor is she interested. She goes of what she’s told and makes decisions instead of investigating/speaking to all parties involved. I’ve stressed several times my supervisor is knit picking (I’m not the only person who’s complained) and my frustrations go unresolved. So I’m at the point of looking for employment else where. If my issues and concerns can’t be resolved or even acknowledged I don’t belong here at this company.

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