Make Your Office a Safer, Happier Place

We source the best guards in the industry, many of whom have military or law enforcement backgrounds. These security professionals will greet employees and visitors with a smile, and can also peacefully resolve conflicts with unwanted guests. We're able to maintain this high standard through our rating system, which allows clients to rate their guard 1 to 5 stars. While rare, if you feel your guard is a poor culture fit for your office, we'll happily find another guard who’s a better fit. We also have an iPad app for use at the front of your office, allowing employees to know which guard is on shift and providing his or her contact information for emergencies.

Highly-qualified guards

  • State-licensed and background-checked
  • Five-step vetting process
  • 3+ years experience in security
  • 25% ex-military or former law enforcement
  • Technological competency
  • 98% on-time check-in rate

Customer service

  • Check employee badges and key cards
  • Visitor sign-in
  • Package delivery
  • Ensure general cleanliness of lobbies
  • Prevent and handle unwanted disturbances

The best fit

  • Rate guards 1 to 5 stars to find a good fit for your community’s culture
  • Recurring guards for friendly, familiar faces every day

iPad capability

  • Bannerman app on display as a simplified version of your security dashboard
  • View guards on-site and guards scheduled to arrive
  • Guard contact info in case of emergencies

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The quality is a much higher caliber with Bannerman than who we had before. Our guards know our employees by name, they say hi, and they might even be friends with them. The quality of actual work is much higher and the support is just great. I love the open communication. If I need something at a certain time it just gets done.
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Adrian Rodriguez
Office Operations Manager, Cisco