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We give you a personalized security dashboard and guard management software to oversee all your locations, as well as tailored expertise from our Director of Security. Your dashboard is one centralized place for you to oversee every detail of your security coverage—schedules, incident reports, tracking, budget, and more. GPS-powered software lets you know your guard is on-time and on-site, even when you aren’t there. We also offer Nest Cam integration, which allows guards to protect a larger space through motion sensor alerts sent to their app in real-time. These tools put you in control and allow you to sleep easily knowing your office is in good hands.

Your security dashboard

  • View and edit your security schedule
  • Track and contact your guard
  • Review incident reports
  • Provide secure guard instructions that outline on-site responsibilities and select preferred guard attire
  • Manage your security budget
  • Stay up-to-date on new Bannerman features

Incident reporting

  • Access to Daily Activity Reports in just a few clicks
  • Incidents sorted by priority—high, medium, and low
  • Filter reports by timeframe and location to track and identify problem areas
  • No wait time, no paperwork

GPS tracking

  • View guard’s expected time of arrival
  • Regular notifications to show guards stay throughout the shift

Build your security program

  • Complimentary security assessments to identify vulnerabilities in the building
  • Creation of Standard Operating Procedures for your property, including coverage recommendations and potential guard responsibilities
  • Goal of preventing break-ins and keeping your people and assets safe

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The quality is a much higher caliber with Bannerman than who we had before. Our guards know our employees by name, they say hi, and they might even be friends with them. The quality of actual work is much higher and the support is just great. I love the open communication. If I need something at a certain time it just gets done.
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Adrian Rodriguez
Office Operations Manager, Cisco