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Same-Day & Full-Time Security

Bannerman for Property Managers

  • Make Your Tenants Feel Safe and at Home.
  • Let Us Be Your Eyes and Ears.
  • Enjoy Greater Flexibility.
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Bannerman for Your Office

  • Make Your Office a Safer, Happier Place.
  • Experience Peace of Mind.
  • Enjoy Greater Flexibility.
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Bannerman for Retail

  • Trust Us for Loss Prevention.
  • Manage All Your Storefronts in One Place.
  • Enjoy Greater Flexibility.
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About Bannerman SOMA Security

Home to warehouses, showrooms and art spaces galore, SOMA is a top destination for both work and play. If you’re one of the businesses lucky enough to call this neighborhood home, you know how important it is to keep your property safe. Bannerman’s goal is to manage your business and event safety, and with a solution built on customer service and streamlined technology, we’re uniquely qualified to meet the needs of companies in SOMA and throughout San Francisco. We source highly qualified professionals (think more than five years of experience, including ex-military and law enforcement) for a wide variety of safety-related positions, from front-desk and reception security to event security. With our intuitive management dashboard, you can book guards for same-day or advance work, and you can manage invoices, rate and professionals and send secure instructions all from one place. And with round-the-clock phone support, Bannerman is always here to help.

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The quality is a much higher caliber with Bannerman than who we had before. Our guards know our employees by name, they say hi, and they might even be friends with them. The quality of actual work is much higher and the support is just great. I love the open communication. If I need something at a certain time it just gets done.
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Adrian Rodriguez
Office Operations Manager, Cisco

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