(Effective December 1, 2017)

These Terms and Conditions for Security Services ("Terms and Conditions") are the basic legal terms and conditions under which Bold Guarding, Inc., a Delaware corporation ("Company"), provides guarding and security services ("Security Services"). The Security Services can be booked, tracked, and managed with Company's exclusive software ("Software") that is available for use on Company's website ("Website") or via a mobile application ("Application"). Use of the Website, Application, and Software is subject to Company's Terms of Use, which are attached to and incorporated into these Terms and Conditions as Exhibit A. These Terms and Conditions and each online booking confirmation or services addendum that Company approves in writing (together or each a "Scope of Work") constitutes a legally binding contract between you (the "Client") and Company (collectively, the "Contract"). For purposes of these Terms and Conditions, Company and Client are each a "Party" and together the "Parties."