Security Officer Management Software

We help you managing your operations.
Whether you are looking to hire more officers, getting better field reports or optimizing your scheduling, we got it covered!


Monitor your officers on the field

Our real time technology makes it easy for you to see everything that is currently going on.

We highlight potential issues that require your attention so you don't have to dig through pages of data to figure out if everything's fine.

Get the best out of your officers

Our proprietary algorithm helps you find out which officers are top performers through multiple relevant indicators.

Through this data, we'll help you with scheduling to assist you in assigning the most relevant officers to each shift.

Our compliant Overtime Calculator will help you optimize overtime hours for each officer, and always keep you up to date on your costs.

Your officers are also taken care of!

We'll provide a free iOS and Android app to your officers that will make them more efficient on their day to day work.

The intuitive design of the mobile app will allow them to spend more time of the field, and less time doing paperwork.

Compliance is built-in in the system, so you don't have to worry about breaks not being taken appropriately.

And also...

  • Automatic license checking
  • Officer qualifications tracking
  • Advanced officer hiring process
  • Automatic client invoicing
  • Payroll integration
  • Patrols management
  • Business intelligence stats
  • Advanced officer instructions system
  • Overtime Protection
  • Breaks compliance management

What make us special?

We started a security guard company from scratch and scaled it to hundreds of security officers and tens of millions in annual revenue.
No available solutions combined all the tools we needed to efficiently manage and scale our business. So we built what the software we always wanted ourselves.

Now that it is ready, we are partnering with selected security guard companies to help them scale their operations the same way than we did.

Our Process

We are currently hand-picking companies to give our software to. Our criterias are:

  1. You have between 5 and 15 security officers
  2. You are ready to switch your operations to our software. We provide free training sessions and we handle the migration from your current tools.
  3. You are servicing at least one of the following areas:
Los Angeles
New York
San Diego
San Francisco

If you match those criteria, fill out the contact form by clicking on the button below and we'll be in touch shortly!

Frequently Asked Questions

I have more than 15 guards, when will I be able to use your software?

Depending on the area you can service, we might be able to make it work, so please reach out!

When will you be available in my area?

We are regularly opening new area of service, so come back to this page regularly!

How much time does it take to transition from my current system?

It depends on the size of your operations, but it typically takes less than 2 weeks on average to get supervisors and officers up and running on Bannerman.