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Bannerman in San Francisco

In the tech capital of the country, every company has a right to safety. At Bannerman, we’re working to make that happen with a team of customer-oriented, experienced professionals. We’ll arrange and manage front-desk security, reception staff, entry management and other security services for your business, and you can modify schedules and send guards secure instructions through our management dashboard.

Bannerman sources a team of security guards with an average of more than five years of experience. Our technology makes it easier than ever to find and manage reliable staff to ensure your business’s safety.

San Francisco Security Guards

Source, approve, monitor, and manage every aspect of your San Francisco security solution and personnel needs with Bannerman. We offer security technology with a unique dashboard experience that puts the security monitoring controls directly in your hands. Take the guesswork out of sourcing security solutions and let Bannerman San Francisco show you how simple it can be.

Healthcare Security Guards

Bannerman is dedicated to providing quality and consistent security services for the San Francisco healthcare community, because we know that it’s so much more than simply monitoring foot traffic into your facility. Good healthcare security services ensures the proper handling and confidentiality of patient records as well as monitoring valuable medical supplies and equipment - Learn More

Office Security Guards

The security needs of San Francisco offices are very unique. In one of the strongest tech capitals in the world, you need an equally strong security service - that’s Bannerman. In addition to our pioneering security service technology, we specialize in supporting San Francisco offices with security guards that (1) have years of experience, (2) training, (3) and support the overall atmosphere of the office environment you're aiming to create. Let Bannerman San Francisco help you find the perfect security guard solutions for you. Learn More

Residential Security Guards

A San Francisco residential building security guard is unique in that tenants see them everyday and see them as not just a part of the building staff, but often times part of their daily routine. That means that the skills to be an efficient residential security guard are very specialized and can often be hard to source - luckily Bannerman San Francisco makes it easy. Choose from a catered list of specialized residential security guards in the San Francisco area. Learn More

Industrial Security Guards

Security for industrial manufacturing facilities in San Francisco is very specialized - which is why Banner is dedicated to providing unique security solutions for unique situations. The truth is that there are often valuable assets and materials on location within your facility in addition to equipment, staff, and the actual building itself. Often industrial facilities require a two-pronged approach: (1) A seasoned, well-trained industrial security guard and (2) innovative security technology solutions. Learn More

Outdoor Security Guards

Providing outdoor security for San Francisco is a unique challenge - unlike a closed building, there can be wide open spaces with completely different and varied entry points. Plus, large amounts of foot traffic may be coming and going or shifting around. Only experienced and trained San Francisco outdoor security guards can offer the most appropriate security for your event and/or outdoor space - and that’s where Bannerman San Francisco can help. Learn More

Stadium Security Guards

When an event is underway and everyone is enjoying your facility, knowing you can trust your venue security goes a long way. Bannerman San Francisco knows how difficult sourcing stadium security guards can be - that’s why we've made it easier than ever to find a security solution that’s perfect for you. Our stadium and venue security guards have extensive experience and training in securing these unique environments. So all you have to do is focus on making sure your event and those using your facilities have everything they need. Learn More

Providing San Francisco with Specialized and Technology Driven Security Services

Armed Guard Security Services

Armed security solutions for businesses, buildings, and events.

Guard Supervision Security Services

Bannerman technology creates security accountability and digital security guard supervision for businesses and events.

Vulnerability Assessment Security Services

Evaluate and identify opportunities for improving your current security with a vulnerability assessment.

Concierge Security Services

Concierge security services to welcome visitors and safeguard welcome spaces.

Mobile Patrol Security Services

Keep your security visible and mobile enough to patrol and respond in multiple locations - Bannerman San Francisco makes it possible.

Standing Guard Security Services

Monitor one space for extended periods of time with a standing security guard.

Foot Patrol Security Services

Wide coverage security and visible deterrents - source a foot patrol security guard today.

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Bannerman Security

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How Bannerman works

We will work with you to figure out your particular security needs.

From our network, you get the best provider for your company and budget.

Access the Bannerman Dashboard to see who is protecting your people and property.

We check in and if changes need to be made, we will make it seamless.

We know that every company's security needs are different. By using data analysis and years of experience we will help you figure out what security you need. Whether an experienced security manager or not, we will make this process easy.

We understand that evaluating security providers is extremely difficult. We evaluate security companies on their reliability, professionalism, responsiveness and consistency. We will find the company that excels at what you need.

The Bannerman dashboard allows you to manage your security schedule and billing. Know when guards are on site and see their incident reports immediately. You will know everything about your security all of the time.

When unexpected changes happen we will help. If you need a change to your security provider we will help you find a new one that better fits your needs. You will continue to have access to the Bannerman Dashboard so transitions happen smoothly.