Stadium Security Guards

We help you buy and manage stadium security guards and services.

Bannerman for Stadium security guards

For most security companies, handling large crowds at major events can be stressful and a difficult task to manage, but Bannerman is different than those security companies. With extensive experience in large venue and stadium security, our security services can meet and exceed the demanding security details required for festivals, concerts and any other large events.

Using the Bannerman technology, you get access to professional and expertly trained security officers through your own customized dashboard. Here, you can hire and schedule guards, create specific instructions, view reports and see your invoices in one convenient location. Bannerman ensures every detail of your security requirements are met, keeping all your event attendees safe and satisfied to keep them coming back. Security officers also have backgrounds in military and law enforcement, equipping them with the experience and training needed to prevent any situation from escalating.  Along with 24/7 customer support and flat rate fees, Bannerman provides industry leading security services unmatched by other companies.

There is no question that large venue security requires a more expansive and unified approach to ensure safety standards are always met, and that security plays a large part in the overall success of any event. Our clients continue to trust is in managing all their security needs, regardless of size, and we continue to exceed their expectations. Using Bannerman to hire your security officers, and having them watching over your event shows your attendees you take their safety seriously. Partnering with Bannerman for your venue security services to means you’re partnering with the best security company in the country.

How Bannerman works

We will work with you to figure out your particular security needs.

From our network, you get the best provider for your company and budget.

Access the Bannerman Dashboard to see who is protecting your people and property.

We check in and if changes need to be made, we will make it seamless.

We know that every company's security needs are different. By using data analysis and years of experience we will help you figure out what security you need. Whether an experienced security manager or not, we will make this process easy.

We understand that evaluating security providers is extremely difficult. We evaluate security companies on their reliability, professionalism, responsiveness and consistency. We will find the company that excels at what you need.

The Bannerman dashboard allows you to manage your security schedule and billing. Know when guards are on site and see their incident reports immediately. You will know everything about your security all of the time.

When unexpected changes happen we will help. If you need a change to your security provider we will help you find a new one that better fits your needs. You will continue to have access to the Bannerman Dashboard so transitions happen smoothly.