Office Security Guards

We help you buy and manage office security guards and services.

Bannerman for Office security guards

Bannerman office security services are the best way to keep your office & staff safe with 24/7 site security. Our corporate security guards are expertly trained, with backgrounds in the military and law enforcement. Whether you are just looking for front desk security, a lobby attendant or security officers for nights and weekends office security, Bannerman makes this process simple and efficient through our personalized technology.

Through our security dashboard, you can manage and assign corporate security guards to each of your offices, and provide them with specific instructions for each location. Your personalized dashboard provides a detailed overview of your security coverage along with schedules, reports, budgets and more. With Bannerman security officers standing at your door whenever you need them, your staff & clients will feel at ease knowing trained, professional and customer oriented guards are watching over them.  

With GPS capabilities, you can also monitor when and where your security officers are and that they have arrived on time.

We know that your business needs are constantly changing, and our security services are designed to adapt to those needs. With same day bookings, flat rates and 24/7 customer support, we will always be available when you need us the most. No matter what industry your company operates in, Bannerman provides the highest quality security service to keep your business safe at all times. As the best security company in the country, working with Bannerman and our dedicated team of security professionals is the only way to take your safety and security to a new level.

How Bannerman works

We will work with you to figure out your particular security needs.

From our network, you get the best provider for your company and budget.

Access the Bannerman Dashboard to see who is protecting your people and property.

We check in and if changes need to be made, we will make it seamless.

We know that every company's security needs are different. By using data analysis and years of experience we will help you figure out what security you need. Whether an experienced security manager or not, we will make this process easy.

We understand that evaluating security providers is extremely difficult. We evaluate security companies on their reliability, professionalism, responsiveness and consistency. We will find the company that excels at what you need.

The Bannerman dashboard allows you to manage your security schedule and billing. Know when guards are on site and see their incident reports immediately. You will know everything about your security all of the time.

When unexpected changes happen we will help. If you need a change to your security provider we will help you find a new one that better fits your needs. You will continue to have access to the Bannerman Dashboard so transitions happen smoothly.