Mobile Patrol Security Services

We help you buy and manage mobile patrol security services.

Bannerman for mobile patrol security services

If you require a highly visible, professionally trained security service to monitor multiple locations regularly, Bannerman’s mobile patrol security service offers consistent peace of mind. Using marked security vehicles, security officers can patrol at pre-designated or random times, checking to ensure that your properties are safe and secure at all times. Using our GPS technology, officers are tracked to ensure they arrive at specific locations. All reports are then available to you via the personalized dashboard, so you are always informed of what is occurring even when you’re not there.

Warehouses, construction sites, office buildings, shopping centres and condominiums are just a few examples of clients we can cover using our automobile patrol security service. Whether you need someone to check in on existing monitoring systems, attend to a report of suspicious behavior or simply act as a deterrent, having Bannerman hired security officers on patrol ensures your security needs are always met.  

Bannerman provides access to security officers who are highly trained professionals with backgrounds in military and law enforcement. They have all the experience required to handle any and all security situations or incidents to protect your business interests. No matter what is thrown at them, they can handle it effectively, while going above and beyond to provide the highest level of customer service to anyone they interact with. A consistent patrol with highly visible security vehicles shows that your sites are well protected at all times, giving you the freedom you need to run your business and stop worrying about your security.

How Bannerman works

We will work with you to figure out your particular security needs.

From our network, you get the best provider for your company and budget.

Access the Bannerman Dashboard to see who is protecting your people and property.

We check in and if changes need to be made, we will make it seamless.

We know that every company's security needs are different. By using data analysis and years of experience we will help you figure out what security you need. Whether an experienced security manager or not, we will make this process easy.

We understand that evaluating security providers is extremely difficult. We evaluate security companies on their reliability, professionalism, responsiveness and consistency. We will find the company that excels at what you need.

The Bannerman dashboard allows you to manage your security schedule and billing. Know when guards are on site and see their incident reports immediately. You will know everything about your security all of the time.

When unexpected changes happen we will help. If you need a change to your security provider we will help you find a new one that better fits your needs. You will continue to have access to the Bannerman Dashboard so transitions happen smoothly.